Hydrocarbon Accounting Training

Course Overview

Acquiring accurate production data for effective monitoring and allocation has always been a challenge to efficient well, reservoir and facilities management in the oil and gas industry. Oil and Gas Hydrocarbon Accounting principally involves; allocation of volumes, storage of data, deferment administration and data reporting. In almost all assets globally, metering process has always been a challenge and this course is designed to address and manage such limitations. There are several factors that influence metering but the major ones are the linearity and the repeatability. This course will equally highlight some of these challenges with mitigations and come up with how it fits into the overall HCA process in order to facilitate improved definition, selection, design, operation and troubleshooting of production numbers or data.
Training and retraining of domain experts have been identified as crucial in fully understanding the concept and process of Hydrocarbon Accounting and Metering. Hence, this course will elicit the fundamentals of Hydrocarbon Accounting and Metering across assets, while also highlighting the common challenges encountered during this process and how to mitigate them in future HCA processes.

Course Outline

General Principles of Hydrocarbon Accounting

  • Introduction to Hydrocarbon Accounting and Metering
  • Hydrocarbon Activities During Asset Lifecycle
  • Required Infrastructure for the installation of HCA tool
  • Data Acquisition process
  • People & Processes
  • Best Practices in Production Back Allocation
Hydrocarbon Accounting Workflow: Case study
  • HCA Workflow: recording and verification of data
  • HCA: Case study
  • Benefits Realization & Sustainability
Introduction to Metering Systems
  • Function of Metering
  • Data acquisition
  • Meter calibration and maintenance
  • Types of meters and meter selection criteria
  • Principles of manual and auto sampling
Deferment Administration
  • Introduction to deferment administration
  • Deferment coding
  • Strategy for effective deferment management
  • Fundamentals of 90 days production planning
Performance Review
  • General Course Review
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Assessment of Participants
  • Feedback
  • Closing Remarks

Course Objectives

By the end of this Course, participants will be able to:

  • Fully understand the concept of Hydrocarbon Accounting and Metering.
  • Know the key elements for effective Hydrocarbon Accounting process.
  • Provide solutions on identified Hydrocarbon Accounting and Metering challenges.
  • Put a structured sustainability model in the Hydrocarbon embedment process.

Relevant Audience

This course is suitable to a wide range of professionals but will greatly benefit:

  • Metering Engineers
  • Allocation Engineers
  • Asset Support Engineers
  • Project Managers
  • Financial Teams
  • Production Operators
  • Field Production Supervisors / Superintendents
  • Production Engineers
  • Asset Managers and Senior Managers
  • Reservoir Engineers
  • Process Engineers
  • Planning Engineers
  • Production Accountants

Delivery Method

The training will be in a workshop format with strong emphasis on industry best practice alongside an interactive approach from all participants.

The training tutors are highly seasoned and have designed this course to help participants fully understand the concept of Hydrocarbon Accounting and Metering in the present-day Oil and Gas Industry. Please feel free to contact us for more details on the course.
To get more details on the course outline and curriculum, please kindly contact us at training@suneses-energy.com or call +234 (0) 909 999 3650.

Other Details

Location: Lagos, Nigeria
Cost: ₦500,000.00
Date: 18th May - 23rd May, 2020

However, there is discount for Early bird registration and also for companies training no less than ten personnel (Large pool registration). And also Opportunity for in-house or company specific training need available