What we do

Digital Oil Field (Full Suite) Implementation

Our WRM Solution is a business intelligence tool for well and reservoir surveillance in line with WRM best practices.

Production System Optimisation

Suneses Energy can help your well delivery team by providing our expertise to you when you need them.

Hydrocarbon Allocation Management System

Suneses Energy in partnership with her affiliate provides state-of-the-art production management tool called Energy Builder. The tool has been deployed in many regions around the world including the North Sea. Below are highlight of the hydrocarbon management application called Energy Builder.

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Foundational WRFM Review Process

From these trends, potential threats and opportunities are identified and relevant mitigation developed. The main aspects of a WRFM review process are illustrated by the image above.

Our team of experts have been involved in embedding this process, resulting in strong positive impacts on the delivery of asset specific business objectives.

Well, Reservoir & Facility Management

In ensuring a sustainable Well, Reservoir & Facility Management Process (WRFM), fixing the basics is very central. Fixing the basics ensures that established WRFM minimum standards are met. During WRFM assessment the ‘value-loop’ concept is used, creating the foundation for fixing the basics and resourcing the consequent asset improvement plan. The key elements in this process includes;

  • Data gathering and management
  • Well integrity management
  • Well optimisation and restoration effort
  • Effective reservoir management strategy
  • Surveillance strategy
  • New technology implementation

It is important to note that many assets use different ways in fixing the basic but the clear objective is that this must be compared against a set standard with overall aim that the basic standard for WRFM are achieved.

Integrated WRFM reviews are important in fixing ‘the basics’ and realizing the potentials of any WRFM process in an asset. The relevant components of this value-loop element are daily production-review (DPR), monthly reviews, quarterly PSO and annual reviews. All these reviews are multi-disciplinary, enabling full integration. In general, these reviews are essentially a feedback mechanism, where trends are identified and use to predict the future.

What We Do

Integrated Operations

Our experts have been involved in asset or business unit assessments in major oil and gas operations especially in Nigeria over a 7-year period, identifying production process improvements using digital oilfield methodologies. Here are some solutions provided:

  • Production Opportunity Identification
  • Real time Surveillance, analysis and optimization
  • Proffer Strategy for Digital Oilfield implementation and management
Real Time Production Monitoring & Optimization

What we offer is not limited to the following:

  • Real time dashboard solutions for wells, reservoir, facilities surveillance
  • Crude-oil Production Pipeline monitoring against leak, sabotage or attack
  • Design, integration, implementation and support for production surveillance and optimization solutions
  • Expert advise on the use of real-time production data to enable proactive and intelligent decision making
Collaborative Environments

We offer:

  • Defined business methodology for assessment, design, implementation and management oversight of facility infrastructure and collaborative environment workflows.
  • Hands on experience in implementation of collaborative environments.
Hydrocarbon Management System & Production Reporting
  • Implementation of upstream, pipeline and terminal hydrocarbon accounting systems; field installations of production reporting; critical electronic bulletin boards and terminal accounting systems
  • In collaboration with our partners developed industry tested Hydrocarbon Management Tool called 'Energy Builder'
  • Provide assessment and expert advise in hydrocarbon accounting solutions improvement.